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Welcome to Bluefield, we create value by producing specialist asset management services to get more from your assets. This is done by optimizing Life cycle cost of production fleets, building operational readiness of new projects and maximizing operational reliability of existing operations. Welcome to our website, please have a closer look to our website, our blog and success stories of our clients.

01 Fleet Planning and Optimization

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02 Operational Readiness

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03 Operational Reliability Improvement

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Client Testimonials


797F Fleet Operational Readiness
All 8 trucks are now complete, with only some minor paperwork to be finalised.

I would like to say to Bluefield, thanks for an excellent job. I have had very little to do with these trucks over the last 3-4 months but was very comfortable and trusted you with the work you were doing. The OEM did a pretty good job running the site and managing their people, and that was due largely to the work that you were doing monitoring them.

Excellent job and my sincere thanks.

Why should you be in touch?

Bluefield has a very experienced team of professionals that are passionate about the fundamentals of asset management and are actually able to make a difference in the short term.

We believe that there are too many “solutions” on the market and that the real solution is people using the tools that are available well.

We believe that the best and fastest way to make a measurable difference in machine reliability and cost is to first execute the current PM program well.