Welcome to Bluefield

Bluefield is an asset management company providing practical services to the resources industry globally. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results.. We provide solutions to assist clients to significantly reduce the effort and costs associated with managing statutory compliance and asset related risks.

01 Hazardous Area Management

02 Type B Compliance

03 Bluefield Compliance Evaluation

Client Testimonials

Ian Roduner, General Manager Turn Good Pty Ltd

Every business talks about providing real value – Bluefield actually delivers. This team is high performance and low maintenance every time.

Why should you be in touch?

Bluefield has a very experienced team of professionals that are passionate about the fundamentals of asset integrity and management and we are able to make a difference in the short term.

We believe that there are too many “solutions” on the market and that the real solution is people using the tools that are available well.

We believe that the best and fastest way to make a measurable difference in equipment reliability and cost is to first execute a planned maintenance program well.